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All levels and classes welcome. No prior experience of role-playing is required as long as you are willing to learn.

If there are no Eburi on duty at the recruitment spot in front of the fountain in Silvermoon's Bazaar, please whisper an Officer or leave a message on the forums.
aimz2906 (Bridget)
Markus (Flashheart)
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European: Darkmoon Faire (RP)
Game News
Welcome to Hearthglen, home of the Argent Crusade. It is here that the Eburi Knights, the House militia of Knight-Lord Flashheart, are stationed when they are not deployed on missions or recruiting in Silvermoon City.

While the Eburi are pledged to the Argent Crusade’s cause, they are also dedicated to serving all Free People, defending them from oppression and fear. It is not uncommon to see an Eburi Knight in the depths of a Trollish Ruin, or fighting the Twilight’s Hammer wherever they might be. While everyone, regardless of race or walk of life, is welcome to enlist, only those who uphold the reputation of the Order become full Knights.
Other Guild News

So Long And Thank You

aimz2906, Nov 3, 11 5:53 PM.
After more than two years, the Eburi Knights are no more. We've had some fantastic times, with intriguing plots and wonderful members. Ultimately, though, the Eburi was a Wrath guild, and with the announcement that the next expansion will feature an escalation of the conflict between the Horde and Alliance it became clear that there simply isn't a place for a neutral military guild in the current lore.

It has been an honour and a privilege to get to know you all both in character and out of character.

Thank you and good bye.

Deeper into Madness - The Interrogation

aimz2906, Oct 28, 11 4:16 PM.

Bound by morals, being a Paladin and conducting an interrogation is never easy. There are those, who after months, nae, years of training, can pick a mind apart with the right wording, the right inflection, and reduce a man to confessing sobs after a week.

The Eburi, for all their talents, do not count such a skilled person in their number.

Knowing that it would be all too easy to put their prisoner - a captive from the assault on the Twilight Cultists in the Silithus Desert - to a heated brand to loosen his lips, and given the tragic events unfolding between rogue Forsaken agents and people rather close to home, the Knight-Lord was reluctant to follow that path. Something more elaborate was required.

A mission in the depths of enemy territory, the Grim Batol itself, was what was finally agreed upon. Out sourcing a Troll Witch with the ability to take the impression of a person, the strike-team hit hard and fast, picking apart the defenses and finding a Captain of the Twilight, a large framed orc, and took a copy of his image. With it, the Eburi reasoned, they would trick the prisoner into believing they had been broken out of their custody, and with some flattery and perhaps a raised voice or two, get the man to speak.

Preparing the image took time - too long, in fairness - giving everyone plenty of time to try alternatives. Bribery of foodstuffs, improving conditions in the cell and what have you, fell on deaf ears. The only words spoken were requests on how long the man would be detained. He was clearly an Elf of some diginity, perhaps a lesser noble, and there was no doubt between any of the soldiers that a smack would loosen his lips. Some of the men grumbled why he should be allowed to eat their food and drink their water when it would be easier to just dip into the grey areas between Right and Wrong.

Last night, the plan came to fruition. A handful of Eburi wearing the robes of dead cultists staged the break out, bringing the prisoner to the nearby mine (after a few trips around the proverbial block). After so long in waiting, the Eburi had headway into the problem.

Their results? Well.

A meeting has been called in the first week of the 11th month, at Hearthglen. For all interested parties in combatting the Twilight Menace to come together, discuss the information already gleaned, and find a way to proceed.


This is going to be a social event held in the Town Hall of Hearthglen, where our 'goodies' will assemble. This is open to anyone, however showing up here is indicative of future commitment to both play your 'goodie' as well as the occasional 'baddie'. As I have expressed in previous DiM posts, I will only run 'missions' when I have a certain ratio of both.

The event will take place at 21:00 game time, after the Eburi meeting, on Thursday of next week. Certain parties will be given information, but it will all be put down on the table then and there, and we'll agree a course of action.

Deeper into Madness - Skullcrusher's Revenge Follow-Up

aimz2906, Oct 2, 11 6:22 AM.
In a change of plans from the intended event, we instead focused on finding the still missing Fárlin. Oreiné had been working on finding leads on his whereabouts and had come up with two possible locations: the Twilight Outpost in Silithus and Sandsorrow Watch in Tanaris. The Eburi was split into two teams to search the locations, with the Knight-Lord leading Sanzie and Logok to the Twilight Outpost and Bridgét leading Oreiné and Acqui to Sandsorrow Watch.

The search of the Twilight Outpost turned up a scrap of material at first thought to be part of Fárlins facemask, but later agreed that it was probably a piece of a handkerchief, and a pair of daggers. It was also noted that the Outpost appeared to be in a state of high alert.

The team heading into Tanaris decided to split their efforts, with Acqui and her wolf using an item of Fárlin's to track his scent while Oreiné spoke to the locals in Gadgetzan to see if there had been any more recent sightings. The scent-trail lead to an abandoned campsite south of Sandsorrow Watch where Acqui found hairs belonging to Fárlin. Unfortunately the campfire was cold so there was no way of telling how long ago he'd been there.

The residents of Gadgetzan remembered seeing someone matching Fárlin's description collecting supplies from the town and heading West. As this tied in with the location of Sandsorrow Watch, Bridgét and Oreiné headed in that direction, however before they reached the Watch they spotted a campsite, which Oreiné went ahead to scout out. Having decided that the camp was harmless, she approached them to ask if they had seen Fárlin. They confirmed they had, but could not recall how long ago.

The decision was then made to return to Hearthglen, where the Keepers could use the items found to scry for Fárlin's current location. Oreiné was given permission to remain in Kalimdor to continue the search.

Pirate Ball

aimz2906, Sep 19, 11 7:34 AM.
Yarrrr mateys! Today be talk like a pirate day and to celebrate the scurvy dogs of Skull Marks the Treasure be holdin' a pirate's ball. So grab yer cutlass, yer yo ho hos and yer bottles o' rum and get down to Booty Bay!


Skull Marks the Treasure are holding a pirate-themed party in honour of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, starting in Booty Bay at 21:00 server time.

Shattrath Arts Festival/Broken Keel

aimz2906, Sep 9, 11 9:07 AM.
The Shattrath Arts Festival starts tonight, and to mark the occasion for one night only the Broken Keel will be held at the World's End Tavern. The Festival runs until Sunday night, with events including a market and a Mr Horde contest. Both Deothall and Logok are competing for the title, so come along and show your support!
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